Sandra "Michelle" Farr


Strategist with 25 years of experience in military, government and private sector environments shaping national security programs and public policy development. A “big picture” thinker with expertise in distilling complex programs into prioritized objectives, identifying common ground in groups and rallying support for key objectives. A recognized leader, comfortable in high-profile positions, known for finding intelligent approaches in dynamic and ambiguous situations. US Navy veteran and former government senior executive with experience spanning
multiple national agencies and government organizations. Experienced in global affairs and multicultural experiences with extensive travel across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Current DoD TS Clearance.

Core Competencies:

  • Special Security/Risk Mgmt. Programs National Security Issues
  • Strategy, Development & Execution Government Affairs/Relations
  • Strategic Planning—Balanced Scorecard Master Professional Compliance & Program Mgmt.


Zofia Consulting, LLC – Washington, DC 2012- Present
Management Consultancy - a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)
Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Founded Zofia Consulting, LLC with skills developed from a 25-year combination of military, industry and government experience. Zofia Consulting provides targeted & objective high quality analytic, intelligence, technology & security solutions to leading executives to enable them to make better decisions. Leverage senior and globally experienced figures from all walks of life – major business and industrial sectors, finance, intelligence, law, government, NGO, technology – and all regions of the world. Certified in knowledge management including
advanced level use of Microsoft (SharePoint, PowerPoint, etc.) and Apple platforms/products.

  • Developed strategies, compliance, and technological approaches to integrate multiple social and technological platforms to ensure seamless inter-agency interaction ‐ ensuring zero security failures and unprecedented information sharing during high‐interest incidents of national security significance.
  • Developed custom training program for European commercial client (a multi-billion dollar portfolio private-equity/venture capital investment firm) for their economic analysts to relay “best practices” of analytical tradecraft, risk analysis and due diligence – including use of risk frameworks like OCTAVE. The CEO continues this program with training for his new hires.
  • Developed and delivered executive session of “Intelligence-Driven Operations” to inform a select group of high-net worth investment executives on the value of strategicanalysis, open-source collection opportunities for the commercial market, and physical/cyber security profiles.
  • Crafted strategic framework and provided full-spectrum program management for a Director of NationalIntelligence (DNI)-mandated integration of classified intelligence collection programs.
  • Delivered an approach that received multi‐agency participation and support and was lauded by the DNI as the approach to finally end “nine years of arguments, pilots and practice sessions.”

XTAR, LLC 2014-Present
Commercial satellite operator providing X-Band services in military, diplomatic, humanitarian and emergency
disaster response operations.

  • Outside Director; Chairman of the Government Security Committee (GSC)  As Chairman of the GSC, charged by the Defense Security Service (DSS) with ensuring XTAR’s compliance with policies and procedures to safeguard classified information and export controlled information entrusted to the company. Ensures that XTAR complies with DoD guidance, US export control law, and the US National Industrial Security Program. Ensures development and effective implementation of the Company’s Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) compliance program to include technology and electronics security audits and plans.​

Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA)- Washington, DC 2010-2012

Sub-Committee Chair: Homeland Security Intelligence Council – Special Research Effort

INSA’s Homeland Security Intelligence Council (HSIC) completed a yearlong effort investigating and writing on the
current environment surrounding Homeland Security Intelligence. The Council reviewed the past decade and
considered the future of the discipline. Through personal experiences, research, and interviews with experts in the
field, the HSIC explored avenues to better connect the traditional Intelligence Community with the larger Homeland Security Intelligence Enterprise, developed an ecosystem concept by which analysts could become
better connected and explored the dual mission shareholders to provide security and protect civil liberties. The
HSIC published findings and recommendations in September 2011 "Intelligence to Protect the Homeland: Taking stock ten years later and looking ahead"

LMI – McLean, VA 2010–2012
Nonprofit strategic consultancy providing federal agencies with technical and organizational support.
Senior Consultant / Program Manager
Served as senior advisor and strategist in the development and execution of several national security intelligence
activities across the US Intelligence Community (IC) to align people, processes and technology with the IC’s overall
mission. Assisting portfolio managers with evaluating and selecting projects that will promote the organization’s
business strategy and goals.

  • Provided substantive counsel on National Intelligence Program/Budget funded programs ensuring appropriate staffing, budgets, and oversight of programs and actions to advance Office of the Director of National Intelligence priorities, strategies, performance, and strategic investments.
  • Provided substantive counsel on National Intelligence Program funded programs ensuring appropriate staffing, budgets and oversight of programs and actions to advance ODNI goals.
  • Developed Knowledge Management (KM) strategies and approaches for ODNI clients working special programs, information sharing efforts, and supporting multiple National Intelligence Managers
  • Developed key elements of transformation project including a strategic framework, communications plan forsenior executives, performance measures and technology roadmap.


Transportation Security Administration
Division of the Department of Homeland Security charged with securing the nation’s transportation networks.
Deputy Assistant Administrator (SES)

Deputy for TSA’s Office of Intelligence – directed actionable all-source analysis in support of TSA’s 60,000-person
workforce and U.S. and foreign transportation industries. Connected TSA’s intelligence efforts with DHS and other
U.S. intelligence entities and law enforcement efforts at Federal, State, and Local levels, ensuring effective and
efficient screening activities for 600 mil passengers per year.

  • Successfully and fully operated two offices, a 24x7 watch center and multiple locations at U.S. airports to ensure optimal coverage of notification of current threats to transportation systems – cyber, kinetic, explosives, and other forms of crisis and disruption. Maintained active awareness of ongoing terror threats and terrorist capabilities in the homeland that would negatively impact pipelines, trains, rail, highways, bussing, and aviation systems.
  • Ensured public/private partners had ready access to all threat information bringing GAO recognized transparency of effort with our partners with current information on country risk research and analysis.
  • Increased the analytical capacity within the Office of Intelligence by creating the “Senior Intelligence Authority” activity that ensured adherence to Director of National Intelligence standards for analytical tradecraft, information sharing, and expert writing while fostering competitive analysis.

LMI – McLean, VA 2008–2010
Nonprofit strategic consultancy providing federal agencies with technical and organizational support.
Senior Research Fellow

Directed a complex project for an Intelligence Community executive client at the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence, transforming a core intelligence mission area related to multi-agency collaboration.

  • Advised ODNI on opportunities for improving information sharing and collaboration between IC and law enforcement on sensitive activities related to drug trafficking organizations and national security.
  • Forged collaborative engagement strategies between key areas of DEA, DOD and the IC to ensure smooth and efficient cross-agency operations. Actively engaged in creating effective use of social media and communications to transform clients within government sector into being fully engaged and productive.

Office of Intelligence and Analysis (GS-15)
Division charged with providing intelligence to the Secretary and across DHS.

Senior Advisor to Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Human Intelligence (2005–2008)

Assigned to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), championing collaboration among all HUMINT
programs to minimize duplication of effort and maximize sharing of best practices. Provided advice and counsel on
homeland security, law enforcement and domestic security issues. Oversee multiple accounts including the CIA
National Clandestine Service and the Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury, Energy and State.

  • Directed coordination and integration of multiple sensitive threat and analysis programs providing unique and thorough products to support executive decision-making.
  • Ensured inclusion of homeland security perspectives in all Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Collection programs by providing counsel on policy, strategic planning, intelligence integration and strategic outreach for human intelligence and law enforcement issues.
  • Conducted extensive policy reviews on National Intelligence Program and activities of DNI interest including the establishment of FBI National Security Branch, the National Clandestine Service (NCS) and NCS/Community HUMINT.
  • Provided strategic organizational leadership, ensuring appropriate staffing, budgets and oversight of program and actions to advance Intelligence Community, DHS and ODNI goals.

Deputy Director for Requirements and Collection (2004–2005)
Tapped for this new position in DHS charged with strategizing and implementing the initial process for collecting,
organizing, interpreting and delivering all DHS information and intelligence requirements. Delivered homeland
security requirements to the Intelligence Community.

  • Authored first strategic plan for Departmental intelligence collection management activities
  • Launched division’s operational infrastructure including first organizational structure, budget, and staff
  • Defined “Homeland Security Intelligence” as first National Intelligence Priorities Framework topic manager , (A process for the USA to define intelligence priorities based on threat analysis and interests)
  • Directed private sector engagement to ensure delivery of information to Intelligence Community

BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON – Colorado Springs, CO 2000–2004
Strategy and technology consulting firm serving government clients.
Senior Intelligence Officer/Program Lead
Led team of BAH employees to support USNORTHCOM J2 Combined Intelligence Fusion Center (CIFC) Information Operations (IO) and cybersecurity activities. Identified, prepared and submitted intelligence requirements to appropriate agencies in support of special activities and country/adversary risk analysis. Supported compartmented planning for counterintelligence and counterterrorism activities in the USNORTHCOM AOR.

LCDR, Special Duty Cryptology/Information Warfare (1610) 1988–2000

  • “Mustang:” Prior enlisted 1988-1994 (E1-E5); Commissioned in 1994 via Enlisted Commissioning Program
  • Variety of leadership positions and global locations; last assignment at National Security Agency
  • Multiple awards/medals; Expeditionary warfare; Surface Warfare (USS Essex (LHD-2)); pistol sharpshooter


Master of Public Administration (MPA) – University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, 2003
Graduate Certificate: Information Systems & Telecommunications – Johns Hopkins University, 2000
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX, 1994. Distinguished Naval Graduate


  • Gleason Initiative Foundation, Member of the Board – June 2014-Present
  • Answer ALS (501c(3)), Director – August 2014 – Present
  • American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Member
  • Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Member