With our domestic and internationtial relationships, we specialize in consulting with government contracting firms and private industry by providing subject matter experts on national security, law enforcement, background screening, language services, management consulting,  corporate security, cyber security, public source data platforms and analytics. Our members serve on several advisory boards related to aforementioned areas of services and have been cited in various media outlets.  Meet our team and see what we can offer you.

Ahearn Consulting Group brings decades of Federal, State and local law enforcement and intelligence service experience to the table to help you accomplish your goals.  With a recognized consortium of former FBI, DHS, DOJ, law enforcment/intelligence senior executives, we work with clients to achieve success.  


Our business was built as a way to continue to give back to the country by helping other partners achieve their business needs by leveraging our experience, relationships, and strategic partnerships.

​Whether you are looking to secure government contracts, seek business partners, find reliable personnel to support initiatives or expand relationships, we  assist you and your company in understanding the needs of federal, state, local, tribal and international law enforcement  and intelligence agencies with technology support, intelligence collection, cyber mission support and operational delivery.

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