Marcus Thomas


As the FBI Assistant Director, Operational Technologies Division (OTD), Mr. Thomas served as lead executive to advise, govern, oversee policy, direction, and operations and provide the leadership and general promotion of all FBI operational technologies so as to support the FBI’s mission and needs and to support the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities.  

Program responsibilities included: 
•    Electronic Surveillance
•    Physical Surveillance (Technical Support to Surveillance Ops, Tagging, Tracking and Locating, Friendly Force Tracking/Situational Awareness)
•    Digital Evidence (Computer and Device Forensics, Audio, Video, and Imagery Forensics, Cryptanalysis, Improvised Explosive Device Forensics)
•    Crises Communications - Mobile Command Posts and Land-Mobile Radio Networks 
•    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
•    Scientific and Technical Intelligence 
•    Surreptitious Entry 
•    Counter-Encryption 
•    Special Projects 
•    Data Analysis and Visualization
•    Technical and Forensics Training

OTD supports the FBI’s investigative and intelligence-gathering efforts—and those of our federal, state, and local law enforcement/intelligence partners—with a wide range of sophisticated technological equipment, examination tools and capabilities, training, and specialized experience. You won’t hear about OTD's work on the evening news because of its highly sensitive nature, but you will continue to hear about the fruits of our labor—the terrorist plot averted, the spy caught red-handed, the rescued kidnap victim, and the dismantled child pornography ring. And as the pace of technological advancement continues at warp-speed and as more terrorists and criminals make use of these advances, OTD’s highly-skilled personnel are working every day to ensure that the FBI and our partners maintain our technological edge.