Ladislao "Ladi" Carballosa, MS, CAMS


Mr. Carballosa retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in August 2012, following over 25 years of federal government service. His FBI career focused on complex criminal, financial fraud and money laundering investigative matters. Mr. Carballosa served as a captain in the 24th Infantry Division 1983-87. Prior to entering the FBI in 1991, he was a financial planner and commodities broker with Shearson Lehman Brothers. 

Mr. Carballosa entered FBI service in the Miami Field Office and was assigned to work Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Organizations with a focus on money laundering activities and undercover operations. His undercover operations focused on laundering Cartel illicit proceeds.  In 2000, Mr. Carballosa was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and detailed to the CIA’s Crime and Narcotics Center to lead joint law enforcement and intelligence community efforts against transnational organized crime and drug cartel illicit finance and money laundering. His efforts lead to the capture of a FBI “Top Ten” fugitive. 

Following the terrorist attacks of September 2001, Mr. Carballosa became the Chief of the Interagency Financial Operations Group; the CIA, NSA and FBI “Follow the Money Group” at the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center (CTC). He was responsible for the capture of Al-Qaida’s Chief Financial Officer. As a result of his success and impact, he was promoted to lead the counter-terrorism effort as the Deputy Director (DD) of Law Enforcement at the CIA/CTC. As the DD, he coordinated and de-conflicted terrorist investigations with all federal investigative and intelligence agencies and local/state and municipal police departments. Mr. Carballosa received five Exceptional Performance Awards from the Director of Central Intelligence. He coordinated directly with the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and was responsible for the designation of several groups and individuals. 

After serving five years in various capacities at the CIA, Mr. Carballosa returned to the FBI to lead the Financial Fraud Group focusing on complex financial fraud and insider trading investigations. He attended the National Defense University on a sabbatical, where he received a Master’s in Resource Management and National Security. He was designated a National Security Professional in accordance with Presidential Order 13434. After graduation, he became the Chief of the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Group, where he worked closely with the Department of Justice (DoJ), international Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), OFAC, and Egmont Group focusing on identifying and combatting international money laundering organizations and kleptocracy. He co-chaired the FBI/DoJ Suspicious Activities Report (SAR) Review Committee providing referrals to federal and local agencies.  

Mr. Carballosa retired in 2012 as the Chief of the Tactical Training Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico where he developed, implemented, and refined tactical training programs for US and international law enforcement personnel. He managed the State Department funded Overseas Survival and Awareness Program which trained deploying personnel using scenario-based exercises. He led the Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival Program which trained local and foreign law-enforcement on high risk encounters. He assisted in the developing of the FBI’s Active Shooter program and training. He supervised the Tactical and Emergency Vehicle Operations Center, which focused on tactical and emergency driving, and surveillance techniques. He managed an annual budget of over 15 million to include equipment and vehicle purchases.

Mr. Carballosa is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a subject-matter expert in financial fraud, money laundering investigations, risk analysis/management, and effective countermeasures. He is adept at analyzing market factors, outlining preferred strategies, and executing tactics based on identified risks, available resources, and organizational priorities. Since his retirement, he has provided risk advisory consulting services and training related to terrorist financing, money laundering, fraud, financial crimes, suspicious activity and due diligence. He is a native Spanish speaker with extensive working knowledge of Central and South American banking and financial services regulations, trends and vulnerabilities.